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» » Amazing origami papers

Tired of the result obtained with classic origami paper? Try these new papers which will really highlight your folds!

- 30 to 55 gsm to fold easily any complex model 
- 55 to 90 gsm
- Nice, delicate and original  textures to fold a majority of model
- 90 to 110 gsm  
- Remarkable textures and sturdy papers. They are recommended to bring roundness, 3D effects and organic shapes. They are also perfect to fold Tesselations, modular and for wet-folding 
- Qualities of flexibility, softness and exceptional strength while providing a silky texture imitating to perfection the fur of an animal.
- Crumpled textures made of folds and bumps

VOG papers
Gorilla f by Nguyen Hung Cuong



TANT papers
Rhinoceros by Quentin Trollip / Fold by Eyal Reuveni

Lokta papers
Tower by Gachepapier


Elephant Hide papers
Elephant by Mabona / Fold by Eyal Reuveni

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