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* Terms of delivery : Economic postage

This offer only applies to packages that can be sent using economic postage, ie the majority of items except rollers that can be sent only using priority postage. 


Indicative delivery leadtime:

- For Europe: 1 to 8 weeks (on average 3 weeks)
- For the World: (include Japan, India, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong) 2 to 10 weeks (on average 4 weeks) - No tracking number - Use this low cost postage if there is no hurry to receive your items. You accept to wait for 10 weeks in case of delay due to Custom (around 10% package delayed) before complain.

- For France: Lettre prioritaire (90% order in 24-48h & 10% orders until 3 weeks)


Free shippingsNo free shipping fees
Free for USA/Canada/Mexico
South America
No free shipping fees for all countries from South America
Free for all CEE countries + Switzerland
Eastern Europe
No free shipping fees for Eastern Europe countries not include in CEE, including Russia
Free for Japan,  India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong
No free shipping fees for the other Asian countries including China
Free for Australia
No free shipping fees for New Caledonia and f
or the other countries 
Free for Reunion
Africa - No free shipping fees for the other African countries 

Countries with No free shipping feesIf you live in one of these countries, you can't receive economic postage. If you use the Coupon, we will require an additional payment for the priority postage or we will refund you the order with paypal or a discount on your next order.

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