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Sample Deluxe Washi brown gold paper 35x35 scrapbooking origami
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Sample Deluxe Washi BROWN


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Sample : One sheet of deluxe washi gold.

This washi is very interesting because it has a very marked texture (similar to VOG papers) to fold pretty models. However, this type of paper remains usualy difficult to shape. 
Washi DELUXE includes a metallized layer, applied on one face : the sheet becomes as malleable as foil paper and can be use for complex models and to shape your folds.

Made exclusively for our shop!

- Washi origami papers with gold face
- 1 square
- 35x35 cm square


Author: Hideo Komatsu
Publication Tanteidan magazine #99

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe noir 35x35 cm




Author: Hideo Komatsu
Publication : Origami Tanteidan magazine #76

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe noir 35x35 cm


Author: Chuya Miyamoto
Publication : Origami Tanteidan #83

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe Red 35x35 cm



Author: Hojyo Takashi
Publication Origami Tanteidan Magazine - Volume 19 - 2008

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe Red 35x35 cm


Author: Nishikawa Seiji
Publication :Works of Nishikawa Seiji

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe Red 35x35 cm


Author: Quentin Trollip

FolderQuentin Trollip
Paper: Washi Deluxe marron 35x35 cm

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Reviews about this Sample Deluxe Washi BROWN (16 reviews)

- Review added the Wednesday 14 August 2013 by Mark BBB
Probably the best Washi i have ever held in my hands! It feels special the moment you touch it, havi... (Read more)
- Review added the Friday 06 April 2012 by Filip BB
This paper is a little bit thicker than I expected but still great experience to fold with.
- Review added the Saturday 21 January 2012 by kong keung CCCCCCCCCCC
very malleable and nice colour and texture
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