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Q: What is this "Convention for Creators" ?
R: secret convention only for Origami Designers with 100 Origami Artists to participate.

Q: Who created and leads the CfC convention ?
R:   CfC Leaders : Ilan Garibi /  Nicolas Terry
     CfC Committee :  Bernie Peyton / 
Dave Brill /  Robert J. Lang / Jorge Pardo / Viviane Berty

Q: Where and When ?
R: From 7 to 9 July 2017 in Lyon (France)

Q: What is it ?
R:  3 full days with meetings, debates and conferences to help origami designers achieve their goals :

  • How to be a better designer
  • How to be able to make a living out of our art
  • how to exhibit
  • How to curate
  • How to publish a book
  • ... and so on.

Q: Any restrictions to register ?
CfC is only for Origami Designers. Besides, Registration is limited to 100 participants and takes place on a first-come, first-served basis. But more than 200 origami artists have been contacted.  So to be sure to participate, register as soon as possible. Registration opens on 1st dec 2016.

Q: Who managed the convention ?
R: The convention is lead by CfC committee but organized by the association OORAA. Registration is done in partnership with Origami-shop to facilitate payment. The amount of entries is fully repaid to  OORAA for organizing the convention.

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