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We recommend to book at the Hotel Zentral AVE 

This hotel is very near to the convention centre (just 50 meters away)
To book for this hotel, p
lease use the Promotional Code: ORIGAMI here: https://www.hotelzentralzaragoza.com/

We also have a 35% discount on high-speed trains for the participants at the convention!
See this document to understand how to use it.


Other recommended Hotel: 

  • Hotel Eurostar
    This hotel is at the train station
    Book yourself online!

If you don’t want to be near the convention, other hotels at the city center :


Place of the Convention: 



ETOPIA Center for Art and technology 
Av. de la Cdad. de Soria, 8, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Etopia is the art and technology center of Zaragoza. It promotes an innovation culture in an open space to every citizen, company or creator that want to explore, develop or share new ideas.






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