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Action Modular Origami: To Intrigue and Deligh

Modulare Origamis, die sich auf einzigartige und faszinierende Weise bewegen, drehen oder ihre Form verändern.

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Action Modular Origami: To Intrigue and Deligh


Modular origamis form geometric sculptures that are most often fixed. But in this book, not only do the projects please the eye and stimulate the imagination, they have a bonus feature: they move, spin or change shape in unique and fascinating ways.

You can see an animated table of contents here. Also available are interactive 2D and 3D simulations and animations in Geogebra: you can zoom in and out and rotate you viewpoint.

This book by a long-time creator will appeal to enthusiasts of mathematics and puzzles as well as fans of modular origami. Over thirty elegant projects are absorbing to make and rewarding to assemble -- without glue or scissors.


2020 Review by Mickael Lafosse, cofounder of Origamido® Studio and author of over 50 origami books and kits, including “Geometric Origami: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture”: It has been a long time since I have enjoyed folding so many projects from just one book. The diagrams are among the best I have seen for geometric origami, and the collection of projects is a satisfying variety. Highly recommended! 5 out of 5 stars 

Review by the "British Origami Society": "Beautiful and elegant designs...immaculate diagrams.

Review by trivialknot:  "WXYZ model is so iconic...the most elegant model in all of modular origami." 



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Paperback: 82 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 17 cm x 24.5 cm


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