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Insectes T1

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Book Description:
Welcome in the kingdom of the insects. This first volume proposes many insects as beetle, grasshopper, dragonfly, butterfly, scorpion, slug, snail…. Sixteen super complex model. Clear and detailled diagrams will lead you step by step to the final model.

Lionel Albertino is one of the most famous french origami artists. He published already many books.
Visit his official website here :
Product Details:
Hardcover : 130 pages
Publisher: Atelier du Grésivaudan (oct 2001)
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 21.7 cm. x 30 cm

- 23 models diagrams step by step

- Download 1 diagram : Colorado beetle
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stars_4 -
Gracias. Estupendo material.
stars_4 -
je l'aime bien car il parle d'insecte en origami et que c'est très bien fait
stars_4 -
Bon livre intermédiaire. Tous les CP sont inclus, ce qui permet de s'y essayer avant d'attaquer le... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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