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Safari Origami

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Book Description:
33 incredible models to fold a whole savanna: Elephant, marabout, lion, giraffe. Some of the models of the book, such as the hyena, the gnou or the cheetah, are single in the world of the origami.

This book is rare because it is out of print and no new edition is planned.

Lionel Albertino is one of the most famous french origami artists. He published many books. Visit his official website here :

Product Details:
paperback : 158 pages
Date : march 2002
Language: French
Product Dimensions:
21 cm x 29,7 cm

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This book is lovely! I know, there is a download... but this one is so much worth buying it.
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Excellent livre rempli de pliages originaux et très intéressants. Parmi mes préférés : le croco... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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