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Case for your Origami Tools

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Origami Shoulder Bag

Ideal zum Aufbewahren, Schützen und Tragen Ihres Origami-Zubehörs, damit Sie es immer zur Hand haben und nicht verlieren können.

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Origami Sleeve

This sleeve is made to protect and safely transport your most precious origami accessories, sheets but also your tablet which, of course, include several amazing origami ebooks and so you are able to fold at any time!


This item includes:

  • A rubberized woven elastic object retention system 17x23 cm (6.7"x9"). You'll have endless configurations to hold your origami tools firmly in place
  • A front pocket
  • A back pocket to bring your origami papers and protect your ipad or Android tablet
  • Neoprene cover protects items inside
  • A padded handle and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap

Product Dimensions: 30x21 cm (11.8"x8.5")

Supplied with or without accessories (select the options above). PLEASE NOTE the photo is not contractual. Currently the accessories are: 4 accessories at only 19.99 € instead of 21.47 €:
The origami sheets and the tablet are not included in this article.

The origami sheets, the accessories and the tablet are not included in this article.

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stars_4 -
A very nice and practical bag when I visit friends with just my tablet, my paper and my tools. The t... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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Although we received the wrong product, we were helped fantastic (quick reply)!
stars_5 -
nice, functional utensils
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