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Vol 11 Comic Origami

Syn ist einer der aufstrebenden Stars der Origami-Szene in China. Seine Modelle haben einen einzigartigen Cartoon-Stil und verwenden immer einen Farbwechsel für ein schönes und niedliches Ergebnis!

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Comic Origami / Two-Color Origami Challenges


This book features 25 models by the artist Syn, each with a step-by-step diagram from intermediate to complex level. Using always a color change in the design and so, it's technicaly interesting to see how the color change happen and the final result is great!


Syn is one of the rising stars of origami in China today. Since I discovered him, I haven't stopped following his evolution. This book is our first collaboration. I like Syn's models because they bring together everything I love about origami today:

  • Models that always offer a change of color 
  • Original themes with a cartoon style
  • Interesting folding sequences.

Syn is also the founder of Ori-Fancy magazine. Follow him on his facebook or Twitter.



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Add a pack with
25 origami sheets specifically selected to fold the book's models (including 23
sandwich papers)

37.2 € 34.99 €
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Details :

  • 208 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 25 models
  • Languages: English and Chinese (all texts, including diagrams

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book alone

    Digital edition: Too impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you would like a version for your smartphone or tablet? Check the digital option above. We will send yoiu the pdf as soon as the book becomes available early this november.

Details of the selected paper pack:

Pack with 25 sheets chosen for their size, their color, their texture to succeed perfectly your folding, including 23 sandwich papers.

Price of this pack: 37.2 € 34.99 €





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Encore une fois un très beau livre pour compléter la collection. Les diagrammes sont très bien r... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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