» » » » KOA Dancheong-ji #1 - Extra large Double-sided Hanji - 45x45 cm
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KOA Dancheong-ji #1 - Extra large Double-sided Hanji - 45x45 cm

Hanji Koreanisch Hanji einseitig farbig

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KOA Dancheong-ji #1 45x45 cm

  • 8 colours in each pack
  • 40 g/m²


Double-sided papers with different coloured sides are very rare in large sizes. This pack contains 8 sheets of 45x45 cm (17.7''x17.7'') coloured on the front and white on the back. It won't be produced anymore and this stock is the last existing today.

These sheets were made at the request of the "Korean Origami Association" for its members.

This paper is based on Korean Hanji with a coloration on one side. The colored side shows slight traces of fibers. The white side is very interesting with a fibrous and non-uniform white. Like all hanji, this paper is silky and supple. It might therefore be necessary to use sometimes diluted glue or methylcellulose (wallpaper glue) on some parts of complex models such as for example the legs of insects to reinforce them so as not to fold under the weight of the model.



  • The sheets have been cut by the manufacturer and are not perfectly square. You will sometimes have to cut them again before use if you want to be precise in your folding.
  • Sheets in 45x45 cm format will be sent to you folded. They therefore necessarily contain fold marks which should not, however, affect the final appearance of your model. 

By ordering this pack, you agree to receive these sheets folded and not perfectly square.


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stars_5 - Erstellt am Mittwoch 17 März 2021 durch Andreas M
This is a fantastic paper: Thin, strong and very noble looking. Needs to be treated with CMC or MC. ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_4 - Erstellt am Dienstag 16 März 2021 durch Mathieu T
Grand format très appréciable pour ce papier. Papier assez fin et très agréable à plier, surtou... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_5 - Erstellt am Samstag 26 Dezember 2020 durch Átila BB
For me the best paper. Excellent. Strong and thin. Perfect
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