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Everyone Can Learn Origami

This book is especially designed for beginners who want to learn the origami solfeggio and basic folding sequences. To put into practice by folding the 77 traditional models described step by step.

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Everyone Can Learn Origami


This book is specifically for origami beginners who want to learn how to fold origami models.


In this book you’ll learn all the major techniques & folds. Then you could practice them by folding 77 traditional models. As you fold the origami designs in this book, your skills will improve and you will be able to fold more and more complex models.


The diagrams in this book are very easy to follow and detailed: you will not find any intimidating instructions like “Repeat steps 20 to 30 behind” without any visual guides. The models are grouped the techniques you’ll practice and by difficulty.


Following step-by-step the entire book, you’ll be an origami master in no time!



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Paperback: 310 pages
Language: English
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21.6 x 1.65 x 27.9 cm


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