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Fold this box - Volume 1

Falten Sie 27 Origami-Schachteln mit einem einzigen Blatt Papier und ohne zu schneiden.

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Fold this box - Volume 1


If you love folding origami boxes, get ready for a whole book of new, single-sheet origami designs for a variety of open, closable and collapsible boxes to fold and share. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced origami folder, you'll discover elegance and simplicity folding these models which typically require less than 10 minutes to complete. Each design omits leftover preliminary creases that would otherwise appear on visible surface of the completed model (except for collapsible boxes) and raw edges are tucked behind or otherwise hidden, resulting in a clean, finished look. Once you've mastered the folding sequences, you'll be ready to get out the good paper: elephant hide, hand-decorated, duo-tone or other preferred stock for gift-worthy mementos and conversation pieces. Fold This Box and enjoy the paper craft practiced by countless people across the globe.

Product Details:
Paperback: 126 pages
Language: English
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21 cm x 29.7 cm


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- Erstellt am Saturday 21 August 2021 durch Siproena J
I love the variety and am eager to test my skills with each new design.
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