From Hard to Simple [Ebook Edition]

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From Hard to Simple [Ebook Edition]

Falte 53 Modelle von mittelschwer bis sehr komplex!

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From Hard to Simple


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53 models from intermediate to super complex level about several differents topics:


Chapter 1: Grid Folding Techniques
Chapter 2: Shells Serie
Chapter 3: Animals from Classic Bases
Chapter 4: Animals fold from Grids 3-5-7-9
Chapter 5: Prehistoric Reptiles

Chapter 6: Prehistoric Animals

Chapter 7: Super Complex Models

Chapter 8: Modulars

Chapter 9: Plants

Product Details:
PDF 12 Mo - 253 pages
Date : 2019

Language: English




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Benutzermeinung für From Hard to Simple [Ebook Edition] (3 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Monday 18 December 2023 durch Wolfgang S
A lot of very nice models.
- Erstellt am Sunday 26 January 2020 durch Jonathan S
Love the various shell designs, the other designs are very complex and sometimes not too beautiful i... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Saturday 20 July 2019 durch Juana D
Exquisito y fabuloso material. Me encantó, me gustaría que hicieran una versión impresa.
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