Graceful of Origami
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Graceful of Origami

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Graceful of Origami

29 models by origami creators of all over the world.

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Softcover: 272 pages
Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 26cm

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stars_5 -
Another great book by Makoto Yamaguchi.
Continuation of "The Beauty of Origami" is more of th... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_5 -
La fée et le tyrannosaure .
La fée , en vol ou assise , est un chef d'oeuvre de grâce . Fac... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_5 -
Wonderful book with super clear diagrams! It's nice to have the diagram for the Tyrannosaurus Rex Sk... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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Graceful of Origami + New Generation of Origami + The Beauty of Origami + Creative Origami

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