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Kamiki's Wellness Origami: Kreativität und Beruhigung

"Kamiki's Wellness Origami: Kreativität und Beruhigung"

Ob Haustiere, Wildtiere oder Meeresbewohner - alle Origami-Modelle der berühmten Firma Kamiki sind hübsch und einfach zu falten.

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Kamiki's Wellness Origami: Creativity and Calm



Have you ever felt fatigued by the daily information overload? Why not try relaxing with origami, an art that starts with a simple sheet of paper?

This book, created by the renowned origami artist Kamiki, is specially designed for adults. It offers delicate and elegant projects such as seasonal wreaths, flowers, stars, and mosaics formed by assembling small pieces. These creations, while charming, are also an excellent way to regain calm and serenity.


Put your smartphone aside for a moment and immerse yourself in paper folding. As you fold, you will feel a small satisfaction and an inner peace. The completed works can beautify your home or become lovely gifts. Origami is an activity that allows for easy recentration and provides a sense of accomplishment.


Who is this book for?

  • Those who wish to take a digital break and relax.
  • Those who enjoy activities that require concentration, like coloring, crafts, or zentangle.
  • Those looking for a new hobby accessible anywhere.
  • Those who want to create beautiful origami objects.
  • Fans of Kamiki's creations!

About the Author, Kamiki Kamiki, residing in Sapporo, is a renowned origami artist. She began on YouTube in 2015 and, thanks to her artistic sense and educational videos, became very popular. By 2024, she has over 200,000 subscribers. Kamiki shares her origami creations on social media and in magazines. Her books, including "Kamiki's Seasonal Origami" and "Kamiki's Cute and Fun Animal Origami," have sold over 300,000 copies.


Message from Kamiki Origami requires concentration, making it an ideal activity for those seeking to relax and reduce stress. I hope my creations, designed to be simple yet provide a sense of accomplishment, bring a bit of tranquility to your mind.


Message from the Editor Kamiki's creations are a huge hit at my child's daycare. On weekends, I often fold paper with him, and I end up being the most passionate of the two. The satisfaction of seeing a finished work and the desire to show it to someone are wonderful feelings. I hope you can experience this too.

Product Details:
Softcover: 125 colorful pages
Language: Japonese
Product Dimensions:
18 cm x 23 cm

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