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Karape Dark Brown 19 g/m² - 5 feuilles - 64x94 cm
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Karape Dark Brown 19 gsm - 5 sheets - 30x30 cm

KARAPE tissue paper is ideal for making sandwich paper or applying methyl cellulose to make extra fine paper and folding super complex origami.

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Tissue-paper KARAPE Dark Brown

Karape is a tissue-paper which has 3 great qualities that make it unique:

  • COLOR: There are very few black tissue paper. The Karape fills this gap by offering a range of appropriate colors to fold for example animals or characters
  • OPACITY: With a better opacity than conventional tissue paper, it propose a better covering effect which reduces the metallic effect when you make sandwich paper 
  • STRENGTH: More durable than a conventional tissue paper, it is perfectly suitable for application of methylcellulose

- Pack of 5 sheets
- Format: 30x30 cm (12"x12")
- 19 gsm
- Unicolor (same color on both sides)
- Color: Dark Brown




this paper:


- To make a super thin paper, perfect for super complex models
- To use methylcellulose


How to use

this paper:


- Make sandwich paper  : Glue tissue paper onto a sheet of aluminum for cooking or foil-papers:


- Coat it with Methyl Cellulose (wallpaper paste) or paint it with acrylic color : the result is an amazingly thin paper suitable to fold super complex models.


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- Erstellt am Saturday 25 May 2024 durch Seong Jin P
It's really good. I folded Manuel Sirgo's crayfish.
- Erstellt am Sunday 28 January 2018 durch Jonathan S
Great texture, perfect for making tissue foil for complex animals :-)
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