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Kirigami - Fleurs en papier

Kirigami - Fleurs en papier

Erstellen Sie zarte Blumenkompositionen, die auf Falten und Schneiden basieren, dank der Kunst des Kirigami.

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Fleurs de papier

With the help of this pretty flowery book about kirigami, the art of paper cutting, learn how to make no less than 43 different flower patterns over the four seasons to create delicate floral compositions to put in a frame, to decorate a card for example ...

"There are many different types of paper that differ in colour, grain, thickness and consistency. The Japanese were able to make the most of them thanks to the art of origami and other disciplines such as kirigami, kiru, cutting, and kami, paper.

While origami is practiced without scissors, cutters or glue, kirigami uses these tools in addition to the traditional folding techniques. With their sober and pure lines, the objects resulting from this technique are particularly attractive. »

Emiko Yamamoto is a Japanese artist who is a master in the art of paper cutting. She is the president of the Paper Decoration Association, the main Japanese association of paper decorators. Author of several books on kirigami, she gives courses, seminars and workshops on this subject. She has published her work in numerous magazines and has written several successful books on paper floral decorations.

Product Details:
Paperback: 144 color pages
Language: French
Product Dimensions: 18 cm x 21 cm


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