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Korean Hanji
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Pack Korean Hanji - 14 colors - 14 sheets - 30x30 cm

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Pack Korean Hanji paper

  • 14 sheets - 14 colors
  • 30x30 cm
  • 50 g/m²

This paper was made ​​available by Origami-shop for the first time in large size for the origami community on 25 october 2017.


This famous Korean paper offers a silky and soft texture.

It is the best combination of finesse and richness of texture.


Why to choose this paper?


The Hanji is ideal if you are looking for a very fine paper with a rich texture to:

- simulate the fur of an animal

- fold flowers and other plants with an ultra-realistic rendering


In addition, the Hanji is perfectly adapted in the following cases:

- To get a silky texture, you do not want to make your paper by glueing unryu to another sheet

- You want to laminate a silky paper on a foil sheet without the metallic appearance appearing through (the Hanji is thick enough for that)

- Stronger than unryu, you could add methylcellulose without issues.

- For complex models with volume, glue this paper on a foil sheet.


These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.

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stars_4 - Erstellt am Montag 31 Dezember 2018 durch Kevin K
I love the cloth-like texture of this paper. It's very soft, not stiff at all, so not ideal for all... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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