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You can also buy sandwich paper already made in this section:
Sandwich Papers

The sandwich paper is so called because it is usually made ​​up of three layers: a metallic sheet is sandwiched between two colorful sheets.
- You could obtain a double-sided papers with the colors you want.
- Ideally suited to fold complex models
- Easy shaping thanks to its foil sheet

How to make sandwich paper ? Choose:

  • A sheet of foil
  • Two sheets of tissue paper (Unryu, unicolor, textured ... etc)


- Please have a spray glue (bought in any hobbies store) and an old credit card to the taping.

- Put yourself in a well-ventilated room (spray adhesive is quite toxic) and protect your work surface with newspapers.


So you get a very strong but thin sheet, easy to shape, with the desired color for each side.

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