MFPP Volume 2 - Origami du vivant

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MFPP Volume 2 - Origami du vivant

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L'art du pliage de papier - Techniques et pratiques de l'origami

Volume 2 - Origami du Vivant


The MFPP (Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papierdecided to publish, under the direction Michel Lucas, a series of booklets  presenting several french designers that are recognized worldwide for their creativity and originality. Furthermore, MFPP wanted to highlight the revolution in the art of origami today.


This second book contains 19 models designed by french artists, showing different facets of modern origami.


This booklet has been produced with the support of Origami-shop.


Product Details:
Paperback: 80 pages
Language: French
Product Dimensions: A4

Soft cover


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stars_5 - Erstellt am Samstag 22 Juli 2017 durch eric V
And for information, There is a hidden drawing on page 31 to 34
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