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Moosers' Train: The Origami Train Set

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Moosers' Train: The Origami Train Set

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Book Description:

Mooser's Train has inspired and challenged folders for nearly five decades. For the first five years after its creation the only existing documentation was a hand-written crease map with no instructions whatsoever. Later, in 1967, hand-written notes were added by Raymond McLain but it was still left up to the reader to decipher a folding sequence on their own. 

It was not until 25 years later that the notes became widely available and far more readable when Dr. Robert Lang reproduced clarified versions in his book "
Origami Design Secrets" in its excellent chapter on box pleating. It was not until late 2012 when Hank Simon generously arranged to have diagrams produced and made available for everyone. These pages make the model fun and approachable for folders of all ages!
Product Details:
Hardcover: 140 pages

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28 cm
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stars_4 - Erstellt am Samstag 22 März 2014 durch thierry B
pour pouvoir offrir un pliage aux passionnés de "petits" trains
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