Olympiad 2018 - Round #2 [e-book Edition]

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Olympiad 2018 - Round #2 [e-book Edition]

Die "Internationale Origami-Olympiade 2018" ist ein freundlicher Wettbewerb. Hier ist die Runde # 2 mit Hinweisen zum Falten von 10 neuen und exklusiven Modellen. Testen Sie Ihre Faltstufe!

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Olympiad 2018 - Round #2 [livre numérique]


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Product Details: The "International Origami Olympiadis a friendly contest which offer each year a list of new models to fold by the participants. 


This is the selection for 2018 - Round #2:


Diagrams :

Task 1: Cuttlefish - Marcelo Arispe

Task 2: Through Time and Space - Peter Stein

Task 3: Flat Scorpion - Li Lianhua

Task 4: Lion - Andrey Ermakov
Task 5: Sky Scraper Kusudama - Usman Rosyidhi

Task 6: White Deer With Red Scarf - Pei Haozheng



Task 7: Graphene - Ryoichi Takagi

Task 8: Needles - Andrey Ermakov
Task 9: Star Twist Tess - Fu Wei
Task 10: Fanfold - Elke Muche


Product Details:

Format : PDF 3.6 Mo

Language : English
Nombre de pages : 58 pages 


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- Erstellt am Monday 30 August 2021 durch Alan H
I like these "Olympiad e-books" very much because they include very different models that have mostl... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Wednesday 28 August 2019 durch Malte S
Nice to have even if you dont take part on the olympiad
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