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Origami Animal Boxes Kit - New with defect

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Origami Animal Boxes Kit: Cute Paper Models With Secret Compartments!

Chunky, kawaii, blocky and adorable, these 14 clever folded paper animals all conceal a secret—they double as containers to store precious objects or small gift items like money, candy or notes.


Though they're perfect for those special gifts to friends and loved ones, these cute animal models are almost too sweet to give away! You'll want to fold up the entire collection and display it proudly on your own desk or shelf.


Each animal model has its own distinct personality:

  • The pointy-nosed Collie is eager to please, sitting at attention waiting for you to put something in the recess on her back
  • Two different Fat Hippo models appear to be wading, open-mouthed and hungry for something to eat
  • A two-toned Chunky Whale has enough room in its belly for little candies, folded money or secret notes
  • A pair of friendly Box Dragons stand ready to guard whatever you entrust to them, be it a golden treasure or a special keepsake
  • A chicken family—complete with Hen, Rooster, their cute Little Chick and a Baby Hatchling
  • And many more!

The full-color book in this kit contains detailed step-by-step folding instructions for each model as well as a clear overview of the origami paper folding basics. There is enough colorful folding paper provided with the kit to allow you to create each of the models.


This kit includes:

  • A full-color 64-page instruction book
  • Step-by-step folding instructions
  • 48 high-quality single-sided origami folding sheets


About the Author:
Kimura Yoshihisa is a founding member of the Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS). He began creating his own origami as a teenager, and continues to design origami models more than 40 years later. His work has been featured in many publications, including the JOAS books and articles in NOA Magazine, published by the Japan Origami Association. You can see more of his work at



Product Details:
  • Paperback & Kit for 14 models
  • Language: English
  • Full-color 64-page instruction book
  • 48 double-sided folding sheets (each 6''x6'' / 15x15 cm square)
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- Erstellt am Wednesday 09 March 2022 durch Martin R
A very nice book with easy to follow instructions. The boxes are good for small gifts for children o... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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