Origami DVD - Between the folds

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Origami DVD - Between the folds

Deutsche Version verfügbar - In diesem Film werden die Geschichten von 10 berühmten Künstlern erzählt, die ihre Karriere aufgegeben haben, um ein ungewöhnliches Leben als Origami-Künstler zu schmieden

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Between the folds - English version


Between The Folds Official Trailer 2008

GREEN FUSE FILMS' award–winning documentary Between the Folds chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard–earned graduate degrees—all to forge unconventional lives as modern–day paperfolders.

As they converge on the unlikely medium of origami, these artists and scientists reinterpret the world in paper, and bring forth a bold mix of sensibilities towards art, expressiveness, creativity and meaning. And, together these offbeat and provocative minds demonstrate the innumerable ways that art and science come to bear as we struggle to understand and honor the world around us—as artists, scientists, creators, collaborators, preservers, and simply curious beings.

"Luminously photographed", with a "haunting" original score featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, the film paints an arresting portrait of the mysterious creative threads that bind us all–fusing science and sculpture, form and function, ancient and new.

In December 2009, Between the Folds will be broadcast on PBS's Emmy Award-winning series Independent Lens.

In November 2009, Between the Folds was part of ITVS's acclaimed national film series Community Cinema, touring cities across the US.


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- Dr Erik D. Demaine
- Martin L. Demaine
- Vincent Floderer
- Miri Golan
- Dr. Tom Hull
- Paul Jackson
- Eric Joisel
- Michael LaFosse & Richard L. Alexander
- Dr. Robert J. Lang
- Christopher K. Palmer
- Brian Chan
- Satoshi Kamiya
- Sam Nathans
- Bernie Peyton
- Jonathan Schneider
- Akira Yoshizawa

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Benutzermeinung für Origami DVD - Between the folds (3 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Sunday 13 April 2014 durch Sylvie VN
Je suis trés satisfaite de ma dernière commande, l'expédition était rapide et le dvd de trés bo... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Sunday 20 May 2012 durch Sébastien B
À voir, à montrer, partager... sans retenue, ce documentaire est exceptionnel et trés complet.
- Erstellt am Monday 10 October 2011 durch Ulrike K
Thanks to origami-shop for supplyinga wonderful dvd about the famous origami creators
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