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Folding Paper - The Infinite Possibilities of Origami

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Folding Paper - The Infinite Possibilities of Origami

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Available exclusively here (not even available on amazon ... jajaja)
Warning : Limited quantity to 100 copies only!
Folding Paper is a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the evolution of origami from craft to fine art, and its stunning modern-day applications in the fields of mathematics, engineering, design, and the global peace movement.  Works by 45 master folders from around the world
Coordinated by Robert J. Lang and Meher McArthur, this book divided into 4 main chapters:
- Part 1 : The Early History of Origami
- Part 2 : The Modernizatino of Origami in the 20th Century
- part 3 : A New Global Art Form
- Part 4 : From Flapping BirdsTo Packing Circles: An Origami Journey (by Robert J. Lang)
NB: An anecdote: I worked with Meher McArthur on this project at the very beginning by offering and presenting to her some artists to exhibit. It was really nice to see how born a so beautiful exhibition!
My advice:

Buy this book if:
You like beautiful photos of origami masterpieces to contemplate or to present to your friends.
You want to know the history of origami
- You want to read the point of view of
Robert J. Lang on the evolution of origami today
- You want to know details and bio of the 45 major origami artists today.

Do not buy this book if:
- You want diagrams (definitely, there are no diagrams inside)
- You are allergic to English (there is no translation in other langage)
Free download PDF prospectus here.
Product Details:
Paperback: 96 color pages
Product Dimensions: 23 cm x 23 cm
Langage : Anglais


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stars_5 - Erstellt am Montag 09 November 2015 durch Ans VDMVDM
A beautiful book with pictures of real masterpieces in origami. The history of origami is highlighte... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_5 - Erstellt am Samstag 13 Oktober 2012 durch Christophe M
This is a nice overview on everything you can do with paper.
stars_4 - Erstellt am Montag 16 Juli 2012 durch Fabiana S
Very nice photos of different models by different authors. No diagrams.
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