Origami Butterflies by Mou ieng Wong

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Origami Butterflies by Mou ieng Wong

This book is a rarity for collectors but will also interest the folders who will discover a book made with love for two years by the author to make us fold her butterflies.

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Origami Butterflies


This book presents step-by-step instructions for folding 9 butterfly origami models with original ideas for the base and multiple details to characterize the butterflies. This rare book is available in limited quantities. Mou ieng worked on this book for 2 years making each drawing by hand. All pages are in color.


Product Details:

Hardcover: 64 pages

Date : 2018
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21x30 cm

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- Erstellt am Saturday 14 September 2019 durch Frédéric P
Sans en avoir l'air , ce petit livre touchant , avec ses diagrammes dessinés et coloriés à la ma... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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