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Animaux Rigolos en Origami + 24 feuilles origami

Origami Aschenputtel - Mit 24 Blatt Origami-Papier

Jede der Hauptfiguren aus diesem berühmten Märchen ist das Thema eines Origamis mit den dazugehörigen, leicht zu befolgenden Anleitungen.

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Cinderella in origami

The book proposes one of the most famous tales, which made generations of little girls dream: Cinderella. The original illustrations recreate the dreamlike atmosphere of this classic tale. Each of the main characters is the subject of an origami with corresponding instructions. The models are easy to make for both young and adult beginners.

In addition to the book itself, there are 24 sheets of origami paper, detachable and illustrated, to reproduce the main subjects of the story. By folding a single sheet of paper, children will enjoy bringing the characters of this wonderful story to life.


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Language : French
Number of pages : 138
Format : 22 cm x 29 cm
Cover : Soft cover


Public : All beginners

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