Origami from VOG: Book + 100 origami sheets

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Origami from VOG: Book + 100 origami sheets

Bekannte VOG-Künstler versammeln sich erneut für dieses Buch mit 20 einfachen und einfach zu faltenden Origami-Designs mit 100 Origami-Blättern und einem Video-Tutorial für jedes Modell.

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Origami from VOG


After having published in our collection the books VOG #1 & VOG #2, the famous artists of the VOG group (Vietnam Origami Group) meet again for this book proposing easy-to-fold models but always keeping their inimitable VOG style.

It's also a book for beginners to discover the origami of another culture by folding 20 easy models. Each model comes with detailed instructions, as well as a QR code and a link to access the video tutorial showing the entire folding procedure. The set also includes 100 sheets of high quality origami paper with a wide choice of colors and patterns.

Origami ArtistsGiang Dinh (Dinh Truong Giang) / Do Anh Tu / Do Ba Huy / Lanh Duc Canh / Nguyen Hung Cuong / Nguyen Tu Tuan / Nguyen Tuan Anh / Nguyen Vo Hien Chuong / Pham Hoang Hai / Pham Hoang Tuan / Ta Trung Dong / Tran Phuong Lien


Détails :
- A color book in French - 144 pages

- 20 origami designs with instructions and step-by-step diagrams
- Video of the folding sequence for each model
- 100 origami sheets
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A number of very nice models. Some are overly complicated. The diagrams vary from model to model. ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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