Origami Tessellatons first book by Dasa Severova

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Origami Journey

Dasa Severova ist ein produktiver Künstler, der geometrische Origami-Formen kreiert. Dieses erste Buch ermöglicht es ihm, ihre Leidenschaft durch klare Anweisungen zu teilen.

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Origami Journey


This book takes you onto an amazing journey into the world of geometric origami, a world full of shapes and colors. The author presents detailed step-by-step instructions for more than 35 original origami designs: stars, flowers, decorations and boxes. The models vary in difficulty from simple to complex.

The book is divided into three chapters:


  • The first chapter showcases modular models - models constructed from several identical units connected only by folding.
  • The second chapter explores how to fold beautiful practical three dimensional models such as boxes, all from a single sheet.
  • The third chapter focusses on decorative models such as stars and flowers, each to be folded from a single square or from other regular polygons.
  • The Appendix will teach you how to obtain these regular polygons from usual square origami sheets or rectangles by folding and cutting them along the creases.

    This book is suitable for beginners and advanced origamists alike, offering challenging and appealing projects to everyone. With their unique style of diagramming, the instructions are precise, clear and easy to understand.

    If you like the beauty of geometry and enjoy being creative with your hands, this book is for you. Whether you are familiar with origami or not, it offers many hours of enjoyment.



  • Softcover: 106 color pages
  • Langage: English


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- Erstellt am Friday 31 July 2020 durch Valérie AA
Livre excellent. Beaucoup de modèles présentés. Divers niveaux de difficultés
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