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Octa papers

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Pack: Octa - 15 colors - 15 sheets - 24x24 cm

15 sheets - 17 colors

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Pack Octa

  • 15 sheets 24x24 cm (9.5"x9.5")
  • 100 gsm
  • 15 colors


This paper, coming from China, offers a very pronounced and interesting texture that catches the light and highlights your models. The creases are easy to do and you can shape very well the model. It is perfectly adapted to fold most of models, even complex models.

This paper was discovered and made ​​available for the first time for the origami community by Origami-shop, on 31th may 2017.


These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.

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Benutzermeinung für Pack: Octa - 15 colors - 15 sheets - 24x24 cm (2 Bewertungen)

stars_5 - Erstellt am Freitag 16 April 2021 durch Kelly R
Lovely colour selection and wonderful texture. I really like the sheen on one side/ matte on the oth... (Lesen Sie mehr)
stars_5 - Erstellt am Montag 18 November 2019 durch Anita RRR
Some of these colours are absolutely gorgeous. A good size to order to sample the colours and have s... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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