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origami book Fantasias de papel Fernando Gilgado in spanish

Fantasias de papel

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Fantasias de papel

Book Description:
In this book , the authors present a new series of diagrams carefully selected for the beginner to the experts in the same one. The 49 figures , with a total of 1200 diagrams, drawings clearly step by step, constitute a series graduated in understanding and difficulty, that goes of the simple models to the exciting subtilities. A world of ability and diversion, beauty and variety, is opened in your hands. A delicate and fascinating world for the paper folders. With origami, you are able to recreate monsters, dragons, sirens and many other fantastic creatures, only with your hands and a square of paper, without cut or stick. In this new book by Fernando Gilgado, the folder will find, exposed clearly and step by step, the instructions to create 14 models and to populate a fantastic world filled knights, magicians, dragons and, why not, extraterrestrial.

- Fernando Gilgado
- Anibal Voyer
- Julian Gonzalez
- Sergio Gonzalez

Product Details:
Paperback: 144 pages
Date : 2000
Language: spanish
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 29.7 cm


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