origami book Papiroinsectos y otros origamis exoticos manuel sirgo in spanish

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Papiroinsectos y otros origamis exoticos

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Book Description:
In this first book, Manuel Sirgo presents a collection of amazing insects and exotic animals. He is known to have pushed back the limits of the origami by creating models with an extraordinary realism. His folds are complex to very complex. Don't miss this book!

Author :
Manuel Sirgo is Spanish and lives in Leon. He is professor of physics, chemistry and mathematics. He discovered origami only a few years ago and immediately acquired an international recognition due to his ultra-realistic models. He was been invited in Spain (2005), Italy (2006) and in Japan (2007).
Discover more models on its official site on passionorigami.com

Product Details:
Paperback: 176 pages
Date :
Feb 2004
Language: spanish
Product Dimensions:
17,1 cm x 24 cm

- 30 models diagrams step by step
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Tue book is interessino butto not all the passes are described perfectly. In general I will work on ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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Das englische Buch "Origami bugs and beasts" bevorzuge ich.
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Papiroinsectos y otros origamis exoticos

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