origami book Papiroinsectos y otros origamis exoticos manuel sirgo in spanish

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This third book by Manuel Sirgo presents 19 models with step-by-step diagrams. Each model is illustrated with a CP and advice to fold it.

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Paperback: 160 pages
Date : 
Nov 2013
Language: spanish
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18,3 cm x 25.6 cm
Manuel Sirgo is Spanish and lives in Leon. He is professor of physics, chemistry and mathematics. He discovered origami only 10 years ago and immediately acquired an international recognition due to his ultra-realistic models. He was been invited in Spain, Italy, France and Japan.
Discover more models on its official website.
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- Erstellt am Wednesday 25 February 2015 durch Adrian K
Very good book with very good contents. Perfect mix of intermediate and complex models.
- Erstellt am Saturday 07 February 2015 durch Beber AAAAAA
Nice book, perfect conditions!Most of the models included are previously published in Tanteidan and/... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Monday 19 May 2014 durch Yeon Soo K
Some interesting insects in this book.I think it need some more technic to complete the realistic i... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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