Horses in Origami

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Horses in Origami

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Horses in Origami

26 wonderful horse-themed models from John Montroll and an international group of contributors.  Full-color illustrations accompany detailed instructions for folding fanciful figures — including a stick horse, rocking horse, unicorn, and Pegasus — as well as actual breeds such as Clydesdale, thoroughbred, and mustang. Suitable for folders at all levels, the models range from simple to complex. All models are folded from one sheet of uncut paper. Each diagram includes interesting facts on the model.



this book :


- For the original concept of fold 26 different horses
- For exclusive models by Robert lang and Roman Diaz not to be missed
- For creators who can compare the techniques to fold 26 model similar but so different in their design.


Product Details:
Softcover: 128 pages
Date of publication: june 2013
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21.5 cm x 28cm
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- Erstellt am Friday 15 March 2019 durch danièle S
génial pour quelqu'un qui aime les chevaux et qui veut monter sa petite collection!
- Erstellt am Sunday 22 September 2013 durch Christophe M
Une bien belle compilation.
- Erstellt am Friday 13 September 2013 durch Philippe V
Un large éventail de chevaux... des plus simples aux plus complexes, avec des tas de variantes qui ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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