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Origami Kaleidoscope

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#3 Origami Kaleidoscope - Your First Steps in Origami Creation

This book will guide you in your first steps as an origami designer! Learn how to modify existing models step by step and then dare to create your own!

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#3 Origami Kaleidoscope
Your First Steps in Origami Creation

"Each book has a story.

Last year, I discovered the chinese book "Change Origami" by MiChen. I contacted my Chinese Partner to know how to buy this book for the shop. We dicovered however that the postage is so expensive from China that it was no longer possible to sell this book at a normal price on the store and therefore distributing this book to the origamist community became impossible. This book was condemned to stay in China.
So I got the idea that I could just print it myself in Europe. Then, working to adapt the book for the european printer, I discovered this book propose something new. For the first time, an author guided folder to modify existing origami models to encourage them to create their own models.
So I decided to get more involved with this book. From a simple button to push to print it, I went to a complete job with a full translation, writing a preface, then updating the layout.
Then, Then, following the idea of Ariel Achtman, we renamed the book "Origami Kaleidoscope". The kaleidoscope is made of colored fragments reflected on a set of mirrors. By rotating it, although it has a "finite" number of elements in a closed space, it produces an infinite number of combinations of patterns. It thus gives a concrete illustration of how one can create something new by simply rearranging an origami base.
Then I proposed to write clearly on the cover that this book is to expliore your "First step in Origami Creation"
Finaly, later in the year, I will present the book as a first issue of collection of book to learn how to design in origami.
If you want to design origami models, here is the path I recommend:
Dare to modify a base to create your first models
Your first origami design techniques & approach of
the Crease Pattern concepts
Advanced creation techniques with exercises
Step 4: Origami Design Secrets - Robert J. Lang
All the most advanced design techniques
Step 5 : Publish your own book


Do you want to create your own origami model? What is the secret of origami creation?

There are a few books explaining advanced origami creation techniques. Unfortunately, many folders get discouraged when reading them. They don't know that in fact, the main secret of origami creation is to tinker, to dare to modify what already exists!

But where to start? Which models should you choose for your first steps as an apprentice designer?
To date, there is no book to guide folders and encourage them to modify models. MiChen is the first author to put this concept at the heart of his book, and in a clever way.

Starting with a base, you will learn how to modify its top into 9 cartoon-like animal heads. Then you will learn how to modify its lower part into 16 different structures. You will discover how easy and accessible it is to create your first models!


Details :

  • 100 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 25 models
  • Languages: English & Chinese (all texts, including diagrams)

Available formats (to be selected above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book alone

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