Iridescent origami paper Pack Shadow-fold - 4 colors

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Pack Shadow-fold

Ein erstaunliches Origami-Papier: Auf einer Seite schön irisierend, auf der Rückseite ganz schwarz! Es ist ideal zum Falten von Vögeln oder Insekten. Sehr dünn, kompatibel mit komplexer Faltung.

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Pack Shadow-fold 

The production of Shadow-fold paper ended in 2021. We were able to buy back the last available stocks. 

Originally available in 4 colors, some colors are no longer in stock depending on the size. Here are the contents of the packs available to date:


  • 10x10 cm : 40 sheets - 4 colors [Azurite / Malakite / Gold / Copper]
  • 24x24 cm : 12 sheets - 3 colors [Azurite / Malakite / Gold / Copper]
  • 30x30 cm : 9 sheets - 3 colors [Azurite Malakite Gold Copper]


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- Weight: 42 gsm

- Thickness: 71 microns



This paper proposes an iridescent face imitating to perfection iridescence of feathers or wings of many animals. It is also ideal for folding shells of insects, especially with its black reverse side which makes it easy to get the black legs and other members of the insect. This is a paper that fold remarkably well alone. As it is particularly thin (with 42 gsm, it is very close to a tissue paper), it can also be easily glue on foil paper (sandwich paper) to shape your models more easily.

This paper was made ​​available by Origami-shop for the first time in large size for the origami community on 5 September 2013.


Choose this paper:


- To fold insects, invertebrates, but also many birds
- To provide a unique color that changes depending on exposure

- To fold super complex models with this thin paper                                                               


How to use this paper:


- Dry Folding: for models that do not require too much shaping

- Sandwich paper: for models requiring shaping 


Examples of folding with the shadow-fold paper:

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- Erstellt am Friday 24 March 2023 durch Magdalena H
Fantastic paper, very thin and ideal for folding super complex models.
- Erstellt am Saturday 23 April 2022 durch Alan H
Wonderful paper available in a lot of different sizes. I like the color (glittering) whery much :-)
- Erstellt am Friday 18 March 2022 durch Maïté K
Pas encore utilisé J'aime beaucoup lescouleurs
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