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Paper in Harmony - Seconde Edition

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Paper in Harmony - A collection of Origami Instrumentalists

This book is the second edition:
  • Two additional models (This new edition features the whimsical Original Beatle and the incredibly complex Seated Guitarist)
  • The diagrams have been updated
  • New photos

Each model is prefaced with folding tips and some insight into the creative process

Paper in Harmony is for the advanced origami folders. Create an entire orchestra, including a drummer and a pianist from paper. The models are technical prowess: a square of paper gives a musician WITH his instrument. Fold these 14 works of art yourself with the aid of over one thousand illustrations. There are also chapters to aid you with paper choice and preparation.

This book is available as paperback or hardcover format. Please choose the format in the options above.


this book:


- To fold and exhibit an entire orchestra
- For the complexity of some models (drums or piano WITH the musician in a single sheet)
- For the nice folding sequence in Kirschenbaum's style
- For the amazing color change of the models                  



Product Details:
Softcover: 168 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm
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Benutzermeinung für Paper in Harmony - Seconde Edition (4 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Sunday 26 January 2020 durch Jonathan SS
Beautiful models, quite complex but fun to fold!
Amazing work, Marc :)
- Erstellt am Monday 04 November 2019 durch Federico RDRRDR
Son figuras muy interesantes de plegar que requieren interpretación para sacarles toda su gracia.
- Erstellt am Thursday 15 August 2019 durch Sarah C
Les séquences de pliage sont agréables, et de niveaux différents. Le changement de couleur sur un... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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