Papercraft Rabbit Killer Whale + Glue and brush

Build this cute lesser Panda with this all-in-one kit that includes all the paper patterns already cut and grooved as well as glue, a brush and adhesive strips.

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Papercraft DIY - Killer Whale


This kit offers you to build this killer whale.

It includes:

  • All paper pieces 
    - already pre-cut
    - already pre-marked for an easier and more precise folding
  • A tube of white glue
  • A brush to put the glue in the small corners
  • A set of self-adhesive strips to hold the pre-cut pieces together while drying
  • Assembly instructions

No need to print or cut, everything is ready:

- Fold the pre-cut pieces

- Find the corresponding numbers and glue the pieces number on number

 You have everything to have a good time. You can admire the ingenuity of the construction with a 3D model that you will discovered and built step by step with amazed eyes.

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