Schwarzes Elefantenhaut-Papier

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Schwarzes Elefantenhaut-Papier

Das Elefantenhautpapier ist sehr schön und sehr widerstandsfähig. Es verbessert deutlich die visuelle Wirkung Ihrer Origamis durch Hinzufügen von Volumen. Es eignet sich auch zum Falten Tesselations.

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Elephant Hide Paper - Anthracite


- Select the size in the options above
- Same color on both sides

- 110 gsm



This sturdy paper gives volume to your models. It has a nice texture, similar to a parchment or marble. Smooth and water-resistant, it is perfectly suited for wet-folding as well as for Tesselations. For more information on this paper, read this review on



Notes : 

  • This color has not been produced since several years. We found these few sheets for you. The quantity is limited.
  • These items are EXCLUSIVE products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves. 
  • Important: Each sheet 48x48 cm or 68x68 cm will be sent folded to be able to send it to you. It therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheet 48x48 or 68x68 cm folded.

Choose this paper:


To give roundness, 3D effects and capture more organic shape

(like flowers and animals since there are many curves to be put in them)
To have an amazing texture adding to your folds
- To fold Tesselations and Modulars

- To use wet-folding Technique                                                                     



How to use this paper:


- For complex models, choose a large sheet (48x48 cm or more)
- For intermediate models, a sheet 30x30 cm is perfect
- Dry-folding: for Tesselations, modulars and simple to intermediate models. You can also dry-fold complex model if the model does not have too many overlays (avoid insects for example).


Wet-folding: For more details, read Gilad Aharoni's article


1) Technic #1 (easiest):

Fold (dry) the model as far as possible. When the folds become too difficult, wet the flaps and creases with a damp sponge or water spray.

2) Technic #2

Moisten the entire sheet with a damp sponge or a water spray. Fold your model quickly before it dries. Dry with a hair dryer or outdoors holding sometimes parts of the model with clothespins. This technique requires that you know perfectly the folding sequences to fold the model as quickly as possible.


Examples of models folded with Elephant Hide papers:
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stars_5 - Erstellt am Dienstag 04 Mai 2021 durch Paul K
Papier se pliant très bien notamment avec du pliage humide. Très adapté au modelage.
stars_4 - Erstellt am Sonntag 28 März 2021 durch Adam C
Good and stable Paper, but is sometimes too strong (for example tessellations)
stars_5 - Erstellt am Samstag 28 Dezember 2019 durch Melanie CCCCCC
Beautiful paper, and your dedication to posting the items out in super fast time is always impressiv... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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