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Deluxe Washi red gold paper 35x35 10 sheets scrapbooking origami

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Pack Deluxe Washi Red - 1 color - 10 sheets - 35x35 cm

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Washi Deluxe RED

  • Washi origami papers with a gold face
  • 10 squares 35x35 cm square
This washi is very interesting because it has a very marked texture (similar to VOG papers) to fold pretty models. However, this type of paper remains usualy difficult to shape. 
Washi DELUXE includes a metallized layer, applied on one face : the sheet becomes as malleable as foil paper and can be use for complex models and to shape your folds.
Made exclusively for our shop!


Warning: Due to the highly textured face, the square might not being always perfect. By ordering this item, you agree to receive sheet which in rare case might not been perfectly square (but almost) !


Author: Hideo Komatsu
Publication Tanteidan magazine #99

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe noir 35x35 cm




Author: Hideo Komatsu
Publication : Origami Tanteidan magazine #76

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe noir 35x35 cm


Author: Chuya Miyamoto
Publication : Origami Tanteidan #83

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe Red 35x35 cm


Author: Nishikawa Seiji
Publication :Works of Nishikawa Seiji

Folder: Nicolas TERRY
Paper: Washi Deluxe Red 35x35 cm


Author: Quentin Trollip

FolderQuentin Trollip
Paper: Washi Deluxe marron 35x35 cm

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Ce papier est extraordinaire. A la fois souple et rigide. Vivement plus de coloris...
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