SPIRAL Origami Art Design

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SPIRAL Origami Art Design

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Hardbook: 344 color pages
Date : 2012
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 26 cm
Book Description:
Tomoko Fuse is one of the world's leading origami artists. She has widely popularised the style of unit origami.
This book describes another of Tomoko's preoccupations: the Spiral. It's a lavish banquet: a feast for our eyes, our senses and our intellect. Tomoko Fuse's experimentation with folded paper spirals is prolific and inexhaustable. We can explore many of these experiments ourselves, thanks to here detailed diagrams and instructions in these pages.
In the final pages of the book, we see Tomoko at home in Mountains of Nagano, Japan. Thus, se are allowed a glimpse into her private world, and understand some of the sources of inspiration.
(extract from Dave Brill's presentation).


Helices: 9 diagrams and 8 CP
"Shells" Spirals: 22 diagrams and 7 CP

"Tourbillons" Spirals: 23 CP and Tomoko Fuse's tips to design your own spirals

Helices and Spirals: 2 diagrams and 8 CP


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Benutzermeinung für SPIRAL Origami Art Design (13 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Thursday 02 May 2019 durch Anita R
What a wonderful book, so glad I could add this to my collection. Variety of spirals and diagrams.
- Erstellt am Friday 11 January 2019 durch PURA MT
Un libro fantástico!!! Y el envío muy rapido
- Erstellt am Friday 04 August 2017 durch Carolina Jesús SS
Es uno de los mejores libros que he visto! lleva tus conocimientos a nuevos horizontes.
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