Origami for seniors

Origami for seniors

Falten Sie zahlreiche niedliche und hübsche Origami-Modelle. Über 190 Seiten mit Figuren, Accessoires, Tieren und Dekorationen zum Spielen und Verschenken.

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Origami for every day for seniors


Origami is a great activity to stimulate the brain. Rejuvenate your brain and enrich your mind by making beautiful and useful foldings for everyday life: boxes, utensils, decorations for the four seasons or family events, and even origami for good luck.

Origami is particularly useful for activating the frontal lobe, an important part of the brain that is involved in thinking, emotional control and working memory, but also imagination, concentration and spatial cognition. The models presented in this book have been specially selected for their accessibility, but also their interest to be folded by adults. Thus, it will also be suitable for teachers who proposes workshops to adults and seniors.

This book was supervised by Chiaki Kudo, Director of Kudo Chiaki Neurosurgery Clinic. He studied neurosurgery at the University of Birmingham, Kagoshima City Hospital, Rosai Hospital in Tokyo, etc. In 2001, he opened a neurosurgery clinic in Tokyo, and is a certified neurosurgeon specializing in dementia.

This book is a re-edited and expanded version of "Practical Origami to Add Colour to Your Life", originally published by Kosha in 2014.


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  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Language: Japanese
  • Product Dimensions: 18x23.5 cm
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