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Ultimate Origami Weapon - 16 cm

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Ultimate Origami Weapon - 16 cm

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This wood bonefolder is made by a craftsman according to my instructions. It has characteristics for an origami use:

SINGLE features for this product:
a resistant tip to sneak into the folds and inside the model 
with extreme precision
a spike-shaped sword for a natural grip and thus a more precise, more effective and more enjoyable folding.


Have a unique gift that you will

not find anywhere else!


We chose the best wood for this folder: boxwood.
- Particularly resistant, boxwood was used as material for making tools during the prehistoric times before the master of metal.
- Dense with very fine-grained, it is one of the most pleasant wood in your hand. It is used in particular to manufacture wind musical instruments and chess's pieces.


Product Details:

- Boxwood folder
- Size: body = 10 x 1 cm. Total length, including pointy end = 16 cm
- Photo, shape and size of the article presented here are non-contractual : you buy a crafted object whose final appearance may vary slightly from one article to another


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Benutzermeinung für Ultimate Origami Weapon - 16 cm (24 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Sunday 21 March 2021 durch Lívia F
This has become my absolute favorite origami tool! It's light, easy to handle, beautiful, but above ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Saturday 13 February 2021 durch Adam M
The quality is good and the tool is helpfull, the only concern is the price
- Erstellt am Friday 22 January 2021 durch Paul K
Très bonne prise en main, la pointe permet de modeler en douceur.
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