On the Water - Origami Waterfowl by Stefan Delecat

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On the Water - Origami Waterfowl

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On the Water - Origami Waterfowl by Stefan Delecat


12 step-by-step diagrams with intermediate level


"There are several ways to invent origami models. One is to find the exact crease pattern to realize the subject. another way is to change the folding sequences of previous models. The latteer gave rise to the models in this collection. So a variety of new swimming bird designs evolved in my hands when I noticed the hidden possibilities by enhancing the instructions of a common simple duck (see the diagram of the cygnet). Some of them resemble real animals. Others do not but look so funny or bizarre that they are worthy of presentation. Hope you enjoy this playful flock.

Paper : The duckling and the cygnet can be folded from standard 6 inch (15 cm) origami paper. For the rest, I recommend at least 6 inch paper (20 cm). Because most of the models will tend to unfold (due to the sink fold of the neck) best results are obtained with foil-backed paper or applying wetfolding techniques on 12 inch paper or larger (30-35cm)."


Stefan Delecat




Product Details:

Paperback: 60 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21x21 cm

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Benutzermeinung für On the Water - Origami Waterfowl (3 Bewertungen)

- Erstellt am Sunday 06 June 2021 durch Fabian K
Beautiful simple and low-intermediate models. A bit repetetive, though.
- Erstellt am Saturday 06 January 2018 durch Leny B
Après avoir découvert Folded Skyline du même auteur, cest une autre belle découverte thématique... (Lesen Sie mehr)
- Erstellt am Wednesday 17 February 2016 durch Michel L
Petit livre très intéressant techniquement, accessible aux plieuses et plieurs à l'aise dans les ... (Lesen Sie mehr)
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