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COPPER TISSUE-FOIL EXTRA LARGE 100x100 cm (40''x40'')

The best seller in our shop, the copper tissue-foil is thin and easy to fold. Its size of 100x100 cm (40"x40") makes it ideal for folding the most complex models!

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COPPER TISSUE-FOIL 100x100 cm (40''x40'')

  • Exclusive paper for the shop
  • 40 gsm


Developed in partnership with a Thai paper mill, we asked them to develop this extra large format for the advanced folders who need a thin and strong sheet to fold the most complex origami models.

This paper is best suited to the needs of the folders:

  • For complex models: it is thin but strong and supports layer overlays
  • For models with 3D shape: the foil side allows precise shaping easy to fix
  • For Tessellations: easy to fold and accurate grid with a clear identification of the creases and the collapse is made naturally

This is the best selling of our shop thanks to this versatility.

It is also very interesting for the folders because it is one of the few paper
immediately usable if you want to shape easily models (there is no need to go through the tedious step of the manufacture of sandwich paper or use of methylcellulose).

On the other hand, they have two major advantages:

The second face has color and a delicate pattern, sufficient to propose a great rendering for the model without any addition (unlike foil papers which have a non realistic pure white face that it is often necessary to hide glueing a tissue paper).

The foil face is spangled, which cancels all reflections (unlike foil papers with eads many unsightly glare).



For the 100x100 cm format, the square is not perfect and the edges are frayed. You will have to recut this square before folding it. The sending is done by default by folding the sheet in 3 and then in 3 to obtain a sending format of 33x33 cm. A sending by roll, with a sheet folded only in two, is possible in certain cases: please consult us. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive non perfect square folded.


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Reviews about this COPPER TISSUE-FOIL EXTRA LARGE 100x100 cm (40''x40'') (3 reviews)

- Review added the Tuesday 02 January 2024 by Kyle B
I love this paper, but I was disappointed that these extra large sheets arrived folded into thirds. ... (Read more)
- Review added the Monday 21 August 2023 by Diederik D
This paper is excellent, and permits the folder to explore somewhat more complex designs where a lar... (Read more)
- Review added the Tuesday 09 May 2023 by Kacper J
Lovely foil, cannot wait to fold with a gigantic sheet!
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