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book Fancy Origami for Practical Use  Toshikazu Kawasaki in japanese
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Fancy Origami for Practical Use

Origami models, practical for everyday use, and fun to fold, created by the famous Toshikazu Kawasaki

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Fancy Origami for Practical Use


One of the great masters of Japanese origami, Toshikazu Kawasaki, the author of the famous "Kawasaki rose", offers us a collection of practical and useful models. 

  • Chapter 1: Useful origami
    Chopstick holder / Flower bowl / Tulip bowl / Pen holder (5 squares) / Pen holder (8 squares) / Leaf bowl / LED candle / Swan lamp holder / Rhododendron lamp holder

  • Chapter 2: Origami boxes
    Windmill box / Jade box / Tomato box / Four star box / Shallow hexagonal box / Deep hexagonal box / Shallow octagonal box / Deep octagonal box / Striped gift box / Mondrian box

  • Chapter 3: Playful Origami
    Delta building blocks / Triangular chicks / Armadillo ball / Armor ball / Pretty house / Cross house / Church / City wall (watchtower passage) / Tree and stump

Product details:

Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 136 pages
Format: 18 cm x 25,5 cm
Cover: Soft cover

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