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Japanese origami foil with a silver metallic face on one side and a white face on the other side - Extra large size perfect for folding super complex models and for making sandwich paper.

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This paper has a silver metallic face and an opaque white face.


It has always been my favorite paper. All my models were designed and folded with it!
About ten years ago, it was still nowhere to be found in Europe and I remember having brought back from my trip from Japan a lot of 24x24 cm sheets which I kept preciously and used it sparingly. Then I was able to receive a 35x35 cm pack made only for origami-shop. But an even larger size seemed impossible to obtain and my folds were therefore limited to the use of this size limit of 35x35 cm. Only Spanish foil paper allowed a larger size of 50x50 cm without breaking under the effect of folding, but this paper was a little thicker than Japanese paper.


Today, thanks to a partnership with a Japanese manufacturer, I was finally able to realize this old dream of obtaining super extra large Japanese foil paper. These sheets are exclusive to the shop!

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This paper holds creases perfectly. Being extremely thin and strong, it works well when there are a lot of layers. It is therefore particularly suited to fold super complex models. Besides, it ages well thanks to its metal base which maintains folds over time. Finally, it has 3 advantages which for me make all the difference:

  1. Shaping: folding with this paper is like playing with modelling clay. You sculpt the model more than you fold it. It is easy to ‘fill out’ the model, and any fine details you add hold well.
  2. It allows you to create paper suitable for any two-coloured model using tissue paper glue on its faces (see how to make sandwich paper).
  3. Its opaque white face makes it possible to obtain a non-shiny colored face (unlike the pure sandwich whose metallized face crosses the color of the tissue paper.


​Sheets with format 40x40 cm to 70x70 cm will be sent folded by us. It therefore inevitably contain creases and traces of manipulation but of course, that will not interfere in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper, you agree to receive sheets folded.

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Reviews about this JAPANESE SILVER FOIL - EXTRA LARGE (3 reviews)

- Review added the Tuesday 18 January 2022 by William C
I really enjoy folding with metallic paper, given how easy it is to shape it. I was extremely happy ... (Read more)
- Review added the Sunday 05 July 2020 by Nora I
Bon papier, je l'ai utilisé pour faire un papier sandwich.
- Review added the Thursday 04 June 2020 by marco Z
very nice paper. as nicolas terry describe in the website, it is perfect if you add a tissue paper o... (Read more)
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