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Manga Origami

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Manga Origami


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Manga Origami 

Origami masters Márcio Hideshi Noguchi and Seth Friedman show everything you need to know to create adorable paper characters from your favorite manga/anime stories with basic origami folding instructions and clear step-by-step diagrams. In the first section you’ll learn about the paper and other necessary materials, the origami symbols and terminology, and the general folding techniques needed to create and assemble all the basic figures. In the second section you will find specific instructions for customizing each of the characters with their outfits/costumes, accessories, and unique hairstyles. 

Some of the twenty projects are very recognizable as Japanese manga/anime characters, such as the Ronin Samurai, Kimono-Chan, Tea Picker, and Shrine Maiden, while others, like the French Maid, Nurse, Baseball Player, and Bunny Girl are more western. Also included are some fantasy characters, like the Fairy, Ori Fighter, Santa’s Helper, and Dragon Girl. Of course, characters depicting school life and summer vacation fun are here too, such as Schoolgirl, Sailor Fuku, Gym Girl, Beach Bunny, Sensei, Uki-wa Chan, Harem Otoko, and Neko Form. All projects are clearly marked with their difficulty level: beginner (*), advanced beginner (**), intermediate (***), advanced (****), and expert (*****). 

Get ready, get set, start folding.


20 models diagram step by step

Product Details:
Softcover: 168 pages

Date : 2016
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 20,8 cm x 21 cm

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- Review added the Monday 01 October 2018 by Leny B
Diagramme très clairs. Une logique dans lhisisaeurosymboloubrage appréciable. Des modèles très k... (Read more)
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