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New Tissue-foil - Evolution and Discovery
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New Tissue-foil - Evolution and Discovery

Explore the evolution of our tissue-foil, from their discovery in 2008 to the new version in 2024. Learn how these unique papers have become essential for origami enthusiasts.


New Tissue-foil - Evolution and Discovery

Since June 1, 2024, we are offering a new version of this paper in five colors, with a beautiful front side carefully chosen to provide a non-uniform texture. This texture adds depth and richness to your folds, enhancing every detail of your creations.

Here is the story of this paper and why this new version exists today.

I discovered a version of this paper at the private Pacific Rim convention in San Francisco in 2008. Vicky Mihara (Tree Paper) and June Sakamoto presented several foreign papers to our group of creators that might interest origamists. Among all these papers, I noticed this strange one, which didn’t necessarily catch the attention of the other folders. But for me, it had something unique: a metallic side.

In 2008, to shape your folds, you still had to make your own sandwich paper. There was the famous foil paper with a white side, but the white side had to be covered with tissue paper to achieve a prettier final result. Discovering a paper already colored with a metallic side was a real find!

The paper was still a bit soft, but the metallic side was present enough to hold a fold and shape the final form.

I also loved the mottled matte side, which had a beautiful non-uniform texture. At a time when only plain papers were available, it was remarkable.

Finally, the copper or gold side was slightly glittered, breaking up any unsightly reflections. I could already see myself folding Hojyo Takashi's Buddha with a super realistic gold finish.

I made a deal to import this paper into the store. It instantly became a best-seller. Over time, I asked the manufacturer to create new colors specifically for our store.

Then, finding the paper a bit too soft, I asked them to modify the manufacturing process to make the paper more "metallic." This worked well, and sales of this paper accelerated as it became similar to sandwich paper.

However, the change in formulation came with the loss of the non-uniform side, replaced by a more solid and plain color. This didn't bother me too much, as I favored the "metallic" approach to mimic sandwich paper.

There was a difficult period when the production created a paper that tore quite easily when stacking layers. This was also a time when the price of this paper (like many others) tripled, and we came very close to having to stop production. Fortunately, after many back-and-forths with the factory to understand what was happening, we resolved the fragility issue and restored the original robustness while maintaining a suitable metallic effect.

That’s when nostalgia hit me: I no longer liked the current metallic tissue paper. I wanted to rediscover what had charmed me in the first place: that mottled, non-uniform side.

So, I asked the factory to find a way to recreate this texture while keeping a metallic effect.

And now, today, five new colors are available, the culmination of development that began in 2008, 16 years ago.

Nicolas TERRY


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